Back Exercises For Women

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Back Exercises For Women

There are certain exercises that women can do to not only add definition to their back muscles, but to improve their posture, strength and endurance. One of the most challenging exercises for women to do is the pull-up. Below are a few exercises that can provide the framework to build enough strength to do those exercises.
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Back Exercises For Women

The rotator cuff and rear delts are often trained with the muscles of the back because they are hit secondarily in a lot of back exercises. In addition, you may wish to add exercises that primarily target the teres major, teres minor, and trapezius muscles to your program.
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Back Exercises For Women

You can target your middle back by performing exercises that allow you the greatest range of motion, to really target your inner back muscles. Make sure not to go too heavy as to cut short your range of motion. Good exercises include one-arm dumbbell rows, barbell rows, and seated cable rows.
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Back Exercises For Women

There are many muscles that comprise the entire back; we will be focusing on the major muscles that your training program should be focused around. The Latissimus Dorsi (Lats), Trapezius (Traps), and Erector Spinae (Lower Back) are three of the major back muscles. Also worked synergistically in most back exercises are the Teres Major and Teres Minor, which extend and rotate the shoulder joint.
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Back Exercises For Women

Out of sight, out of mind? Unfortunately, when it comes to back training, that’s the mindset many women seem to have. Too many of us shrug off the essential and necessary exercises in favor of working muscles that we can see in the mirror. That mindset has to go! A strong back is essential—ignore it no more.

Back Exercises For Women

Though it’s easy to neglect these muscles, it’s also easy to train them incorrectly. And while doing any move wrong is bad, using improper form for back exercises is especially dangerous. “A common mistake is not activating the core, which can put detrimental stress on the spine and lead to back injuries or even nerve damage,” says Merchant, who created this routine to target all the major muscles in your back while holding proper alignment.

Back Exercises For Women

Whenever you work your back muscles, you are also exercising secondary muscles such as your biceps and forearms. As a rule of thumb, you never want to do these muscles groups first because they will fatigue when trying to do main back exercises.
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Back Exercises For Women

That’s why today, we’re going to focus on the back. Your back is a large muscle group, so we’ll hit it hard with some great compound exercises and complement them with isolation lifts.
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This back program will focus on adding width, thickness, and overall development. Week one will be the dead lifting workout and week two will supplement week one by hitting all your back muscles for ultimate stimulation. If you have a weak area, you may choose to replace some of the exercises in week two as needed to hit that particular area.
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According to, the back can be a problem area for a lot of women. Mostly because we get so focused on our front, we forget how important it is to have a defined back! Your back is also a key component to having good posture for modeling during swimwear and evening gown. Next time you’re at the gym, try out these 14 easy moves to help tone and define your back and upper body.
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Most of the compound (multi-joint) exercises listed below target the teres major and minor, traps, and lats. Perform 2-3 of these movements during every back workout.
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I’ve never had a problem coming up with new back exercises. There are literally dozens of variations of rowing movements, pull-ups, and pull downs. If you’re fresh out of ideas, check the suggestions I’ve listed above to add variety and to keep stimulating your muscles for new growth.
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If back is one of your weak points and you are looking to prioritize it, there is a solution – do dead lifts! No, I’m not going to let this one rest. As a woman it’s difficult enough to add mass to our bodies. You will get huge benefits from lifting heavy and hardcore with powerful exercises like dead lifts. Since it takes between seven and fourteen days to recover from an extremely intense dead lifting workout, I suggest alternating your workouts every week.
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Exercise 1 Bent-Over Row Hold a pair of dumbbells at your sides, bend your knees slightly, push your hips back, and lean forward, keeping your back flat and core tight (a). Slowly bend your elbows, keeping them close to your body, to pull the dumbbells to your sides (b). Pause, then slowly lower back to start. That’s one rep. Exercise 2 Bent-Over Lat Pull Loop a resistance band around a sturdy object, hold both handles, and back away until your arms are straight. With your feet hip-width apart and knees slightly bent, lower your torso toward the floor and extend your arms past your head (a). Pull the handles toward you, bending your elbows out to the sides until your hands are next to your shoulders (b). Reverse to return to start. That’s one rep. Exercise 3 T Extension Lie facedown with your arms resting on the floor, directly in line with your shoulders so your body forms a T shape, thumbs pointing toward the ceiling (a). Slowly raise your arms as high as you comfortably can (b), hold for one or two seconds, then return to start. That’s one rep. Exercise 4 Superman Lie across a stability ball, feet hip-width apart and resting against a wall or other sturdy object, arms extended past your head, and palms facing each other (a). Squeeze your glutes and lift your chest off the ball to straighten your back while reaching your arms overhead (b). Pause, then slowly reverse the motion to return to start. That’s one rep.
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A: I love seeing a sculpted, sexy upper back on a woman, especially when she’s wearing a beautiful dress that shows it off. But unfortunately many women (and men) overlook training their upper back simply because they don’t see it when they look in the mirror. From an aesthetic point of view, strengthening the muscles in your upper back and shoulders will have a tremendous impact on your posture, which is a commonly undervalued component of improving the way you look. In fact, great posture can even make you look leaner without losing any body fat at all.
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Judges in physique competition look for a thick, symmetrical, wide, and nicely tapered back. Your back should be widest right under the shoulders and should taper down nicely into your lats and lower back to your waist. Good rear delt development is also very important as it ties together the entire look created through a well-developed back.
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My back is one of my favorite muscle groups to train. As a fitness competitor, I am judged on my balanced, properly-proportioned physique. Without a strong, well-proportioned back, I wouldn’t have a chance of placing well. That means I have to train my back hard and often. Even if you’re not stepping on stage, training your back is important because it’s a huge part of your muscular system.
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Aside from the strength and functionality benefits of training your back, you’ll find that a solid back and well-developed shoulders make your waist look smaller. You’ll also have the benefit of not having to worry about the constant fight your back fat has with your bra straps. A good back also means that you’ll look great in those trendy, backless styles and little black dresses. Have I convinced you yet?
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Isolating your back muscles during training is very difficult. In fact, I believe the back muscles are the most difficult body part to train. Most beginners just go through the motions without really feeling and targeting the desired muscles. Until you are an intermediate lifter and have developed a good mind-muscle connection, you may have insignificant back workouts as well.
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As a figure competitor, it’s imperative for me to train my back. During shows, I have to do quarter turns and show my back to the judges. I could have a bunch of great muscle groups, but if my back isn’t up to par, my physique would be lackluster and I wouldn’t place well.
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Even if you’re not a competitor, your back is an important part of a complete, balanced physique. It’s also important to train your back because it should be strong for postural and athletic reasons. You won’t be able to squat or do a plank—two essential movements—if your back is weak.
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I always start my back workouts with one warm-up exercise. I like lat pull-downs because they wake up my muscles, pre-exhaust my back a little, and remind my body to use my back muscles. I set the weight low and add weight each set to see how my body feels that day and decide which weight I’ll use throughout the workout.

Exercise 1 Bent-Over Row Hold a pair of dumbbells at your sides, bend your knees slightly, push your hips back, and lean forward, keeping your back flat and core tight (a). Slowly bend your elbows, keeping them close to your body, to pull the dumbbells to your sides (b). Pause, then slowly lower back to start. That’s one rep.

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